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Kitchen objects from: The Sim Themes, Valentine's Day Theme objects from the Well Dressed Sim, Julie's Simporium, Rattiland (specifically, the birthday cake everyone's been bugging me about not linking to...), Simply For Fun,  Pavilion from Moni's, lip couch from 7 Deadly Sims, floral arrangements from The Sims Florist, and ice cream from the Sims Warehouse.  

For the SimPosed picture at the opening of the story: Skins are from SimFreaks, the Well Dressed Sim, Hug&Kiss and the Simulacrum.  Head meshes are from the Well Dressed Sim and SimFreaks, with textures from WDS and other sites I can't remember . . .    Background from Stair&Millwork.    Skins used in the story itself are from Jenova's Body Shoppe, the Well Dressed Sim, and SimFreaks.  Two of the women's head textures can be found in the Heads section of this site.





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