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Hello!  This is my little non-rugs site where I keep my Sims stories and little things I make that, well, aren't rugs.  Feel free to read what I've got so far, and to download some things if they are to your liking.  :)  Also, if you want a painting made, you can email the picture to me at

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5/9/01 Oh my, it sure has been a long time since I last updated.  Well, sorry about that, all you dedicated readers, but sometimes real life (in the form of moving back from school, a new job, a boyfriend I only get to see on the weekends, a super super slow modem and other non-Sim writing) can get in the way.  


But I have a bit of surprising news:  My silly little story won second place in the House Party contest!  Eep!  Much excited.  Just check the SimDay events or look up Eisoj5 and there it is :)  

I promise to update real soon.  Really.  I've got some more chapters of Simulnation that can go up as soon as I get some more pictures done for them.  I'm thinking about taking the personal section off of this site and doing another site just for my non-Sim stuff like my collages and X-Files fanfiction (which I've begun writing again.)  So...stick around, I know I haven't been very good about updating but more things are indeed coming.  

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