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The Golden Angel
- Part 1 -

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Captain Wesley strode commandingly across the deck of The Golden Angel. He clapped his first mate Stephan on the shoulder, relieving the man of his turn at the wheel. Wesley put the scope to his eye and peered out across the sea.

"The sunset is especially lovely tonight," a young woman’s voice carried on the winds to him. He turned, and saw the Lady Sara walking gracefully towards the two men. She dipped her head in a slight bow to Wesley, but kept her eyes on Stephan. "Very romantic, don’t you think?" She reached out a slender hand to the first mate, and he shot a quick glance back at his captain, who hastily stared out to sea again, his face unreadable. The young woman was too damned seductive, Wesley thought. The second Sara had stepped on board, she’d set her sights on Stephan and was definitely blasting away full bore at the man’s defenses.

Wesley noticed Black-Eye climbing up to the deck. He waved him over and handed him the scope. "Take the helm, man. I’m turning in." Black-Eye tossed off a quick salute, narrowed his eyes at the couple standing near the railing, and took his place by the wheel.

The captain found himself going not to his quarters, but to the galley. It was deserted. He poured himself a mug from the keg and seated himself facing the door. Wesley rubbed at his eyes wearily. The woman was definitely trouble, he mused. Lady Sara had brought two serving girls on board. One, Lucinda, had immediately formed some sort of understanding with his longest-serving crewman, Francois.

 The man simply was nowhere to be found except in the girl’s bed, parrot and all. He was late to every shift, too. The other . . .

"Captain sir?" Wesley’s head snapped up. Anna stood in the doorway, one hand stroking her dark hair as it lay over her shoulder. He looked her over slowly. "You look . . .lonely," she breathed, taking a slow step towards him.

He got up so fast he spilled his beer.



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