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The Paintings Request Man has a small yet steadily growing collection of lovely paintings to share with you today.  These paintings were made upon request for various individuals.  If you would like to see a painting made that you haven't been able to find yet, you can drop me an email at  

Click on the images to open up a larger image and click on the names of the paintings (from left to right) to download the zip.  

bowser.jpg (61162 bytes) Cleopatra, Untitled, Lady Dark

luis_royo.jpg (69130 bytes) Untitled, Fissures of the Breeze, Multiplied by Ice

los_pe.jpg (50407 bytes) The Lady of Shallot, Girl with the Pearl Earring

rugqueen.jpg (48057 bytes) The  infamous Rug Queen!  Flowers from the Sims Florist.  

Walls and floors seen here (as well as the marble pillar) are from RomanSims.


morrill.jpg (73602 bytes) Pilgrimage, Unknown, Unknown

Not Requested, but I wanted to make it:  

pollice.jpg (61110 bytes)

Pollice Verso by Jean-Lon Grme 

The painting that inspired the movie GLADIATOR

(Fabulous bed/sofa from RomanSims)


The Paintings Request Man's head is from the Well Dressed Sim and his clothes are from the Valentine's Day Special at SimLane.  SimLane is no longer in operation, so don't ask me why you can't get at it.  

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