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Each head is numbered as C001.  They are compatible with Fionn's Real Heads meshes.  For instructions on how to change them to be on Fionn's Real Heads meshes, please refer to SimFreaks and their handy tutorial.  I only show you some of the possibilities.  Click on the pictures to download.  Oh, and I've already heard many complaints that these hair colors are too tacky.  It's very simple.  If you don't like them, don't download them!  

Brigitte Cyma Ruth

Adelaide Avery Didrika Domina

Elysia Fionnula Genevieve Gloria Halimede Ice Queen Ileana Joylyn Kineta Kyna Luciana Madeleine Millicent Nerine Odette Penelope Querida Rowena Siobhan Siren Tessa Ulrike Val Visola Waneta Xanthe Yihana Zuleika

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