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The Escher Man would like to show you around his collection of Escher art.  (The Escher Man's skins are provided by Boudicca's Period Sims, he's masquerading as Humphrey Bogart...)

You can click on the thumbnails to open up a larger image.  Clicking on the painting names will download the zip files.  

room1.jpg (34263 bytes) Above the fireplace, we have two small paintings, entitled "Three Spheres" and "Night and Day."  

room2.jpg (30065 bytes)In the kitchen, we have a larger painting, called "Bond of Union".  

room3.jpg (31821 bytes)Like these paintings? (Drawing Hands, Waterfall, Belvedere)

room4.jpg (37194 bytes)Want your Sims to make their own?  You can!  Here's the special "Escher Easel" on sale now!  (Hand With Reflecting Sphere, Sky and Water, Reptiles)

room5.jpg (26493 bytes)Oops!  The Escher Man had a small fire.  No problem, these paintings are highly inflammable! *wink wink* (Relativity, Metamorphose II)

Thanks for stopping by!  

If you're curious about M.C. Escher and his other works, this site has lots of good information about him: The World of Escher

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